Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does Team+ cost?
A: Beginning Fall semester 2023, Team+ became a paid service.  A small registration fee is required to use the system on a per class ($99) or per student ($5) basis.  Instructors or schools can choose to pay the $99 fee per class or require each student to pay a $5 when they join their team on the website.  The system will prompt for and collect these payments electronically during the class creation or student registration process.  We are committed to keep the cost of our service very low, however we must charge a small fee in order to cover our infrastructure and operational costs.

Q: How does Team+ make money?
A: Team+ has never generated any revenue for our company.  We’ve operated the system for over 10 years as a free public service, but have recently made the difficult decision to move to a paid model to support continued development of the platform (i.e., technical support, Internet hosting, software development).

Q: When should I consider Team+ for my classes?
A: If you use teams in your classes and the teams work together for at least a few weeks on one or multiple projects, your class will benefit from using the Team+ System.

Q: What do I as an instructor need to do to incorporate Team+ in my class?
A: Include an insert in your syllabus (available here) informing students that Team+ will be a graded course component and making available an overview document of how Team+ works. Our notification system takes care of the rest. At the end of the semester you can download with the raw survey results for each student’s 360 degree peer evaluation, as well as a detailed spreadsheet of the student’s performance on all of the Team+ activities.

Q: Can I see the students’ progress on the Team+ activities prior to the end of the semester?
A: Yes. The Instructor App will show you a real-time view into the progress of each team, as well as the participation of each team member. You can also see the specific contributions made by individual team members during the activities (e.g., posts to the team discussion boards).

Q: What happens if a student has a question about how to complete a particular Team+ activity?
A: Every Team+ activity has a video help tutorial that walks the student through how to complete the activity.  Students and instructors can also click on the help button and contact our support team.

Q: Is this system for use in both online and face-to-face classes?
A: Team+ fully supports both online and face-to-face class settings.

Q: Can I register more than one class, or more than one section of the same class?
A: Certainly, just provide all the relevant information for each during the registration process.

Q: Do I assign students to teams or do you?
A: You assign your students to teams BEFORE they register at the Team+ website. Please use team numbers (1, 2, 3, etc.) to identify class teams. They will select their team number during the student registration process.

Q: I don’t use teams all semester long. How long do my teams have to be together during the semester? Is there some minimum length of time?
A: We recommend teams are together at least four weeks.

Q: How do students access the Team+ website?
A: Students can log in to the website via any computer or device (laptop, tablet, phone).