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Would you like to focus on teaching your students rather than dealing with issues that arise from learning groups? The Team+ system is a free web application that empowers your students to engage, focus, and collaborate effectively. They'll develop fundamental teamwork skills and enjoy a seamless group learning experience in the process. When implemented properly, Team+ offers you the ability to manage your learning groups without the need to serve as their personal team development coach. Simply download data reports for each team at the end of the semester to incorporate into your grade book!

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Research shows that group learning is most effective when coupled with a systematic process for developing teamwork and collaboration skills. We call it STRUCTURED TEAMWORK. It helps build the foundation for effective group learning and academic success. It results in empowered students who know how to develop healthy relationships and synergistic work groups.

Team+ is designed to help instructors and students reduce team conflict, increase participation, promote individual accountability, and learn the soft skills they'll need in the workplace. Team+ works well in any educational setting and includes collaboration tools and social networking features to help students stay connected and execute group work activities. Distance learning has never been so easy!
Online and Easy-to-Use

Students and instructors are pleased with how easily Team+ fits into their coursework.
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Empower Your Students

Team+ provides all the resources necessary to promote successful group learning. This includes a set of eight team activities and educational videos designed to…
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Monitor Team Activity

Students cannot hide! Our unique Instructor App allows you to…
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Make a Lasting Impact

Educational research shows many advantages to team-based learning in the classroom. When students have a productive and positive team experience, they will…
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How Does Team+ Work?

Team+ consists of eight team activities that provide the guidance and structure student teams need to be efficient and productive.

Who We Are: Team Identity
The first set of activities move the team from “Me” to “We.” Team members create a team identity, and “get to know one another” while sharing photos and biographical information. These activities build trust and team cohesion.

How We Work: Operational Effectiveness
The next set of activities help teams make critical decisions about how to operate as a team. For example, how to communicate, adopt roles, and establish helpful ground rules.

What’s Working, What’s Not: Process Improvement
In these activities, teams make “mid-course corrections” as they identify specific behaviors that enhance as well as impede their performance.

How We’re Doing: Accountability
Twice each semester, teammates rate one another’s performance on five factors critical for team success; this feedback promotes personal development, participation, and accountability.

  • Team Identity
  • Operational
  • Process
  • Accountability

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