About Us

Our story begins with two college professors who developed and taught a course on effective teamwork skills. It wasn’t long before their colleagues noticed the superior teamwork demonstrated by the students who completed their teamwork skills course. The concept of Team+ was born when other professors started asking the question, “What can we do to help our students have a better group learning experience?”

These professors understood the challenge: Rarely is teamwork the primary subject matter of the course. Most professors are not focused on teaching teamwork skills. Yet, the ability to work effectively with others may significantly impact the students’ success in the course.  And, employers value candidates who work well with others. How can we help student teams be more effective, regardless of the content of the course?

The software engineers at Iconic Learning Systems, with input from these professors, developed the Team+ System. Simply put, Team+ is designed to help any instructor, in any course, more effectively manage student teams. Based on years of published research and the classroom experiences of university professors, the system is carefully designed to empower student teams to have a more positive and productive group learning experience.

We are proud to introduce the Team+ System to you, and hope that you consider using it in your classroom. Let us help your students work well together, so you can focus on teaching them.